MVM 3DMilling is onderdeel van MVM Group

About us

MVM 3D Milling BV.

MVM 3D Milling BV. is situated in Hengelo, the Netherlands, and part of MVM Group.

After outsourcing the milling work for several years, and as a consequence of the growing demand for engineering and the delivering of moulds and castings, MVM decided in 2011 to mill products on its own.

With the acquisition of a 5-axis milling machine, in combination with the latest CAD CAM software and the efforts of experienced professionals from MVM, we can flexibly respond to the market needs.

Besides the foundry industry, MVM delivers her products to the synthetic industry, art & design and prototypes.

Our CMS Antares Milling Machine has a range of X 2500, Y 1500 and Z 1200. By building up in modules, the final range is much wider. Furthermore, we have access to a network of suppliers from both the Netherlands and abroad. As a consequence, we are able to cope with all ranges and it makes us work very flexible.

Because of immediate communication between client and CAD CAM engineers, we try to keep the lines of communication short in order to efficiently deliver a good product.

As an extension from the pattern manufacturing company, MVM uses the FARO Edge ScanArmHD® which is used for several purposes:

  • Scanning milling products and the delivery of a fully developed 3D measurement report
  • Measuring our products and transfer them into a 3D-file, in order to make a production mould
  • The 3D scanning of a prototype, in order to detect possible deviations in the product or to seek for improvements

Reverse engineering

As a result of our expertise in the manufacturing industry, we also use the FARO Edge ScanArmHD® for reverse engineering; there is a growing demand from the market for replacement of existing components, without the existence of drawings.

An existing product is scanned with the FARO Edge ScanArmHD®. Subsequently, the product is transferred into an useful 3D-file. The translation from scan to 3D Solid is done by specifically developed software, called ‘GEOMagic’.

MVM Group is able to scan components, transfer them into a file and then to make a new mould. Moreover, the company is able to deliver a complete new product.